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Onlysudes is not any topic which not related on Onlysudes. The female body can be described as a work-of-art. It’s soft and tough, mysterious, aesthetic, and beautiful in all of its forms and shapes. How do we get to know this marvel?

This intricately crafted entity is still a mystery to most people. It has so many hidden treasures that there is much to discover, but it also contains some fascinating facts that shouldn’t be hidden behind feminine mystique.



We not finded any post about on onlysudes, So we are sharing some interesting facts about girls.

Some Interesting Facts About Female Body

Here are some incredible facts about women’s bodies

1. Three-fourths of the clitoris are out of sight. It lives in the flesh but is eager to be stimulated. It’s just a thought!

2. There are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris. You now know why women squirm when touched at the right spot.

3. Clitoris’ sole purpose is to give pleasure to the woman. Literally. It’s that simple!

4. With age, the clitoris gets bigger. That’s right. Your clitoris will grow four times larger by age 32 than it was in puberty. It will be seven times larger than it was before you were born. This could be partly why sex improves with age.

5. The breasts of different sizes are not the same. The same woman. Yes, each breast is slightly larger than the other. It’s simply biology.

6. Nearly 75% of women require clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

7. Women retain more information and are better at recalling things than men.

8. Women will trust people who hug them for at least 15 seconds.

9. Because of the abundance of pheromones in summer, women want more sexual.

10. The hymen does not have anything to do with virginity. You can also break it by doing other activities like swimming or riding a bicycle. Young girls who are active have a damaged hymen before they can start having sex. This basically means that not all women will bleed their first time they have had sex.

11. Orgasms can decrease cramping and help your uterus clean more efficiently.

12. You don’t just notice your nipples standing straight when you turn them on. When you’re hot for sex, your breasts will become more supple and puffier.

13. The same thing happens in your brain as when you take opioids.

14. The skin of a woman is more sensitive than that of a man. All that carefree pampering is actually better for women!

15. Women naturally have more flexibility than men. You might want to remember this next time you get naughty.